Mororola/Symbol Technologies Bar Code Scanners

DataMax buys and refurbishes Motorola/Symbol barcode scanners in large lots, and we are able to pass these "economy of scale" cost advantages on to our customers. Of course, we also stock all the Symbol equipment and accessories, like Symbol cradles, Wireless Access Points for networking, and Data Collection Devices, all which are often used in conjunction with barcode scanners to create and maintain high-reliability, high-usage retail POS and inventory systems.

Using today's most advanced technology, Symbol's versatile, durable and extremely reliable, hands-free and fixed-mount scanners boost productivity to greater levels with minimal employee effort.

For more product information and availability, we invite you to request a quote or more info on the Symbol barcode scanners we carry here.

Symbol POS Barcode and Wearable Scanners

These models are also available:

  • Symbol 21-32665-02
  • Symbol 21-32665-04
  • Symbol 21-32665-08
  • Symbol 21-32665-09
  • Symbol 21-32665-24
  • Symbol 21-32665-40
  • Symbol LS-1000
  • Symbol LS-1004
  • Symbol LS-1006
  • Symbol LS-1220
  • Symbol LS-1900
  • Symbol LS-1902
  • Symbol LS-1902C-1000
  • Symbol LS-1902T-1000
  • Symbol LS 1982
  • Symbol LS-2010
  • Symbol LS-2020
  • Symbol LS-2030
  • Symbol LS-2050
  • Symbol LS-2080
  • Symbol LS-2100
  • Symbol LS-2104
  • Symbol LS-2106
  • Symbol LS-2208
  • Symbol LS-3000
  • Symbol LS-3603
  • Symbol LS-4904
  • Symbol ML-2499
  • Symbol SPT-1840
  • Symbol Titan 1200LR Scanner
  • Symbol VRC-6940-20V651US
  • Symbol VS-4004
  • Symbol WSS-1010