Symbol MK1000 MicroKiosk Scanner

The MK1000 MicroKiosk from Symbol Technologies is an interactive, automated customer self-service terminal. With the MK1000, you can gain a strategic advantage in today's competitive retail market. Installed at convenient locations throughout your store, the MK1000 allows customers to quickly and easily verify the price of bar coded merchandise and obtain up-to-the-minute information on in-store promotions-while they shop.

The MK1000 does more than price verification. Its large easy-to-read display can be used as an electronic billboard for instant in-store merchandising and comes complete with the ability to display graphics and text messages to promote seasonal sales, in-store promotions and upcoming events. The programmable function keys enhance the MK1000's in-store applications and allow for customer interaction.

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Symbol POS Barcode and Wearable Scanners

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