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DataMax System Solutions is known as one of the leading suppliers of used pos and refurbished point-of-sale, scanning, and data collection equipment in the country. DataMax has been buying and selling used pos equipment for over thirteen years. DataMax System Solutions maintains an active customer base of over 5,000 retail chains that are buying refurbished point-of-sale systems and equipment. To accommodate this large demand, DataMax aggressively buys used point-of-sale, scanning, and data collection equipment at the highest possible prices.

All equipment is disassembled down to the component level and thoroughly cleaned and painted, if necessary. Components are reassembled, units are tested, and equipment is properly packed for air shipment. Everything DataMax sells is guaranteed for maintenance, and extended warranties are available.

If you currently have excess point-of-sale, data collection, or scanning equipment, or would simply like to know the value of your installed equipment, please call DataMax today!

In addition, we have vast experience with system consolidation, so if your excess point-of-sale equipment is still at 500 stores, no problem.