Any company can sell you hardware and software, but do they provide the complete scope of project management services? DataMax System Solutions' project management team is the key to orchestrating and successfully implementing projects. DataMax System Solutions provides complete project management services from the initial planning phase, through installation, post installation documentation, application training, and long-term support.

Upgrading a company's in-store technology is a major project. Without the proper coordination and oversight, it can be a major headache. DataMax's project management team is there to insure a smooth transition, and handle all aspects of the delivery process.

In order to accomplish this, DataMax will assign a Project Manager who will be responsible for the project implementation. This includes scheduling the necessary resources, managing all status meetings, financial interface testing, pilot implementation support, and coordinating the flow of information between the customer, and the customer service department, the engineering department, and the sales and marketing department.

DataMax System Solutions has been delivering retail solutions for over thirteen years, and has gained a reputation of being the "go to" company offering superior project management and unsurpassed customer service.