DataMax System Solutions is very active in providing various types of payment solutions. We carry both hardware and software products to meet the growing demand of our customers. Our highly trained marketing department will assist you in your selection process and present you with the information necessary for you to make an intelligent decision.

DataMax maintains a large inventory of payment terminals from all of the leading manufacturers. Hypercom, VeriFone, @POS, and Checkmate are all in stock and ready from immediate shipment. Need it overnight, just ask! We specialize in providing our customers with unsurpassed customer service, and best of all, we do all of this at the lowest possible price.

Please inquire about our most recognized payment solution today, RTS. This centralized payment processing solution can dramatically speed up your payment processing time, centralize your settlement and reconciliation process, trickle feed valuable store data, and provide you with the communication infrastructure necessary to introduce a wide variety of applications such as loyalty, or stored value programs.

Don't forget, DataMax maintains one of the most aggressive trade-in programs in the country. Be sure to inquire about the value of your used payment terminals and POS equipment. We can give 100% credit towards your purchase or give you cash back on your transaction!