Hypercom Optimum L4250

Unlike other point-of-sale terminals, the Hypercom Optimum L4250 is one of the fastest and accurate card readers that was design with the customer in mind. Equipped with a dual-sided, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader, the Hypercom Optimum L4250 makes it easy for customers to use their debit or credit card without any confusion or reswipes. Plus with its 99.99% first-read rate which includes swipe-speeds beyond the normal range, it is almost guarantee that the Optimum L4250 will always read a customer's card in the first swipe. This feature will reduce checkout slowdowns while improving the shopping experience for the customers.

Not only is the Optimum L4250 is capable of reading fast swipe cards, but it can process them and other information even faster, thanks to its Intel XScale 32-bit processor. For even faster transaction speeds, the Optimum L4250 can integrate with USB and Ethernet connections. It also comes with a 16 inch LCD display which is not only optimal for signature capture, but it can be use for displaying custom messages to customers as they are checking out. This allows you to inform customers special promotions and branding messages.

Even the low tech details of the L4250 are innovative and unique in the pos industry. Things like its non powered stylus, keypad with a privacy screen, and on-site replacement screen protector makes it easier and cost efficient to operate. This terminal will be able to meet the needs of any retailer or store.

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