Regardless of the product you need, we have it! Symbol, Telxon, PSC, Percon and more. 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, spread spectrum. 802.11, 802.11b, we have it! We have been delivering handheld data collection devices to large retail chains for over thirteen years. From RF (radio frequency) to batch, we can help you configure the device that best meets your needs.

Need it overnight, just ask! We maintain a large inventory and have a reputation for being the "go to" company if you are ever in a jam. Our highly trained marketing associates have the answers you need, and everything we sell comes with the DataMax guarantee.

DataMax also offers substantial savings on data collection device maintenance and repair. You save when you sign up for either an annual maintenance or per incident program. We handle thousands of devices a month and we represent the finest quality in the industry today.

In addition, DataMax maintains one of the most aggressive trade-in programs in the country. Be sure to inquire about the value of your used, out of service POS and data collection equipment. We can give 100% credit towards your purchase or give you cash back on your transaction!


Symbol LS2100 scanner