Fujitsu POS Terminal Systems

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DataMax System Solutions offers the latest in point-of-sale terminal technology. Two areas where DataMax has seen a significant increase in installations are wireless POS terminals and thin client POS terminals. DataMax prides itself on supplying the latest technology to large retail chains.

DataMax provides the total solution. Each peripheral device (cash drawer, printer, keyboard, etc.) is carefully selected in order to ensure that DataMax delivers the very best technology at the lowest possible price.

In addition, DataMax maintains one of the most aggressive trade-in programs in the country. Be sure to inquire about the value of your used, out of service POS equipment. We can give 100% credit towards your purchase or give you cash back on your transaction!

You see point-of-sale systems (POS) at every checkout counter, but they're not just cash registers anymore. Now you can advertise, train and connect to the Web. The footprints get smaller, but the POSsibilities keep growing.

Fujitsu POS Terminals