Payment Solutions

Have you ever had processor problems, or settlement and reconciliation problems? Ever been handcuffed by your POS provider? If so, you are not alone. Finally there is a solution where you can take control of your payment processing and no longer rely on anyone else.

DataMax System Solutions will provide you with the solution necessary to centralize your payment processing. Our solution is NT-based and designed to provide centralized payment authorization, enterprise data delivery, and real-time messaging from remote locations over your existing network architecture. RTS is capable of processing multiple transaction types from a variety of sources over any communication environment, and preparing them for any destination. Designed specifically for the retail industry, it is performance tuned for high transaction volumes and maximum availability and reliability from the outset.

RTS is processor, bank, POS hardware and POS software independent. Being processor independent means you are no longer dependent on a processor, they are dependent on you. Now you have the ability to compare processors and change whenever necessary. You have complete flexibility.

Additionally, banks and processors offer reduced rates when your payment processing is centralized. You also benefit with a significant reduction in processing time, the time it takes to complete a payment transaction.

RTS is currently supporting over 15,000 retail sites, with approximately 75,000 points of service, under diverse communication technologies including: Internet, Dial-up, TCP/IP, Satellite, X.25, Frame Relay, and SNA-based networks.