One of the unique solutions that DataMax offers is biometric identification. DataMax System Solutions has worked with several different manufacturers to provide point-of-sale biometric solutions that offer security above and beyond what retailers experience today.

With biometrics you have the ability to automatically recognize a person using distinguishing traits such as fingerprints, face, and retina or iris from the eye. Each of these methods of recognition has advantages. Attributes such as cost, size, reliability, operating environment, speed, and accuracy help determine the suitability for different applications. Fingerprint recognition today has the broadest applicability of most systems and is the best place to begin a search for an appropriate biometric solution.

In this day of using "borrowed" passwords, "borrowed" cards, and buddy punching, retail security is extremely lax. Biometrics allows an employee to use his or her fingerprint as identification at any point in the retail store. This is especially important where shrinkage could be at stake. With Biometrics, you have the ability to require a manager's fingerprint when a manager security level function is performed.

Biometrics, when properly implemented, not only increases security but often is easier to use and less costly to administer than the less secure alternatives. Unlike a password, you can't forget biometrics. You can lose your key or even leave it at home, but you can't lose your finger. Call today and find out all of the advantages of our state-of-the-art biometric solutions.